Historic Suwon,  home to the majestic UNESCO world heritage….

..you didn’t come here for a history lesson did you?

The building above? It’s a love motel. A big, dirty, sex-enclave. It’s designed for one thing and one thing only.


There’s a ton of these in every city in Korea.

Sure, people might sleep there. Mainly though, it’s where the youth go to bump uglies because they generally don’t fly the coop until they’re married.

That is, if the DVD rooms they typically aren’t up to their level of romanticism anymore.


Ah, the infamous barber pole. Not a hair salon. More a bat signal for horny business men looking for a quick release.

There’s a red light district here. A big one reminiscent of Amsterdam. Worth a wander around for the experience if you’re not too reserved. Some form of sex for sale is seemingly available on every block in cities here, so it’s rather refreshing to see it out in the open rather than down some dimly-lit, dirty stairs.

I guess it seems more open and honest in this set up, similar to it’s Dutch equivalent. Apart from the fact that, on paper, it’s illegal.

Despite an anti-prostitution law in 2004 that drove the trade more out of sight, anyone not wrapped in cotton wool will see tell tale signs of brothels everywhere on South Korean streets. With a reported 4% of the country’s revenue thought to be attributed to the $22 billion a year industry, there’s clearly enough money going into certain pockets for any serious talks of legalization to be downplayed.

I took a video of the main strip. They weren’t too pleased, although it doesn’t visibly identify anyone.

There’s a nice fortress wall in Suwon too. UNESCO-listed.

Something to do while you’re waiting for sundown.

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7 thoughts on “The Red Lights of Suwon

  1. FYI the ‘bang’ in dong bang means bread, not room – 빵 not 방, so double ‘b’ not single. It’s called that because that’s what they sell – turd shaped bread things filled with different flavor creams.


  2. hi guys i am sammy..i had ad sex in suwon station red light area showed in above video.. i am little scared is there any chances of STDs, do you think the girls there are clean??..
    i had a protected vaginal sex but unprotected handjob before which she touched her vagina to apply the gel i am little scared, after 3 days of sex i have loose stools i’m scared please tell me is there problem?


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