Historic Suwon,  home to the majestic UNESCO world heritage….

..you didn’t come here for the lecture did you?

The building above? It’s a love motel. A big, dirty, sex-enclave. It’s designed for one thing and one thing only – bringing a mistress too. There’s loads of these in Korea.

Here’s a love motel at night at Suwon station. Sure, people might sleep there. Mainly though, it’s where the youth go to bonk because they don’t generally fly the nest until they’re married. That is, if the DVD rooms they typically use for fornicating aren’t romantic enough anymore.


Ah, the famous barber pole. In this context, it doesn’t mean a hair salon. Think less short back and sides and more blowjob and you’ll be on the right track.

There’s a red light district here. A big one. Reminiscent of Amsterdam. Worth a wander around for the experience. I took a video, they weren’t too pleased though.

There’s a nice fortress wall here too, you know. UNESCO-listed. You’d like it.

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5 thoughts on “The Red Lights of Suwon

  1. FYI the ‘bang’ in dong bang means bread, not room – 빵 not 방, so double ‘b’ not single. It’s called that because that’s what they sell – turd shaped bread things filled with different flavor creams.


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